I once wished loneliness would leave my life alone, but then I realized that it is out of loneliness that I make art.

I began this project as an exploration of this new understanding; something of an apology to loneliness, an appreciation of where it takes me.

I worked with three wax sculptures (Flower, Heart and Shell). Each one changed radically from day to day. I photographed whichever piece I’d worked on at the end of the day and you can see many of the variations in the gallery.

I also made color pen drawings of the sea and sky as well as black and white digital drawings of the cityscape outside my window—and I’ve made some images incorporating the sculpture pieces with these.

It’s hard to explain what all this means to me here and I’d like to invite you to visit me in my New York studio to see the work. I’d enjoy talking about it with you.

—Tom Cleveland